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"The contemporary appeal of Maren Morris, vocal strength and uniqueness of Melissa Etheridge and the grit of Bonnie Raitt." 

Hawaii born and raised, JoLivi has always considered herself a Country girl, and that’s no wonder being that her neighbors were goat farmers. She laughs, “The road we lived on didn’t have any street lights!” But more than the landscape she says “There is an island way of life that sounds trite but is true—-our aloha for one another is always present, and our family circles go far beyond immediate.” As most visitors find, the lifestyle in Hawaii is very casual, a place where the surrounding nature is the currency that makes one wealthy. Together with this welcoming spirit it’s no wonder the place is a dream destination for many.


A critically acclaimed songstress, JoLivi first found success in the Pop arena having released two EPs and several singles. Those accomplishments have taken her across the country, having visited over 50 radio stations, performed at numerous live and industry events, all while garnering a significant amount of press and a collection of over a million views on YouTube. 


With a bluesy soul and buttery trills that unwittingly rope you in, the move to Country music was a natural choice for years in the making.  “I found myself adding a favorite Country cover to the song list of our performances. During rehearsals my producer Mark and I always talked about how we needed to someday write Country music together.” Their conversation soon became hooks and verses and they would discover that Country for them wasn’t just another genre but a creative longing fulfilled. Together they wrote her debut to the genre, “Take a Shot,” as well as two others, “Crooked Crown" and "Vinyl". 

Her next partnership with Jonny Garcia brought about more releases including "Stuck" , "Better" and now the upcoming release “Ghost of You". This song brought back memories of her struggle with the loss of her grandfather, she recalls “I can’t remember a time when music wasn’t a part of my life and I’m certain it was my grandpa who gave me an ear for music and a passion to sing. He was a self-taught musician who could play everything from bass guitar to the ukulele to the autoharp or slack key guitar. He played, I sang. I guess you could say I still practice that to this day.”


Nashville by way of Honolulu is not such an out of the way path as one might think. It was the same journey of the quintessential steel guitar, whose unmistakable sound popularly slides through a country melody. It was invented and popularized in Honolulu before making its way to becoming synonymous with country music, making JoLivi’s path somewhat of a pilgrimage. JoLivi continues to expand her place in the country genre with her writing, recording and performances in a place she now calls home.

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